The World’s Technology in Hand

Today’s global technology solutions are engineered to maximize system designs, control operations, and processes. Ultimately, this results in increased productivity, machine uptime, and reduced maintenance costs. To ensure that its solutions deliver the best possible performance, GTC has developed partnerships with many major corporations and research institutes. Those partnerships include Lockheed Martin, Sandia, and General […]

The Evolution of the Biggest Mobile OS in the World

Google’s Android mobile operating system, which powers the majority of smartphones and tablets, aims to be as similar to Apple’s iOS as possible. Although Apple developed its own hardware, Google’s OS is free of manufacturer-specific restrictions and features. The Google Play Store is the best-known example of this. Its apps are frequently updated on Wednesdays, […]

The Importance of Technology Knowledge and Skills

The ability to use technology and complete tasks utilizing it is a crucial part of today’s workforce. This category includes both digital and physical skills. These skills are often categorized as hard skills and are learned either in school or alternative training. Since these skills are usually measurable, their proficiency is often measured on how […]

Amazing Future Gadget Concepts That Are Closer to Us Than You Think

If you think that the science fiction movies of the future are impossible to achieve, then think again! There are some incredible future gadget concepts that are closer to us than you may think! You’ve seen flying skateboards and time machines on the big screen, but did you know that self-tying shoes are possible? Mr. […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

As with any new technology, there are both benefits and disadvantages to using the Internet for socializing. One of the most significant benefits of social media is its educational value. Social media allows users to learn from professionals and experts without paying for a formal education. Another advantage is that it allows users to connect […]

Business Through Internet

What is Business through internet? Internet commerce, or e-commerce, is the purchase and sale of goods and services using the World Wide Web. It involves data transfer between companies and individuals. E-commerce can involve business-to-business transactions or consumer-to-consumer transactions. This article will look at the advantages of e-commerce and how it can benefit your business. […]