Top Tech Gadgets to Improve Your Online Productivity

Are You Working from Home or the Office? Having the Right Tech Gadgets Can Increase Productivity Here are Some of Our Favorite Gadgets

No one wants to sit for extended periods, which can have detrimental health implications; Upright Go helps you move more while working.

The eMeet Meeting Capsule shortens virtual meetings by making all participants feel included, making virtual conferences less daunting for hybrid teams. It features unique capabilities for hybrid team collaboration.

1. Smartwatch

Smartwatches are wrist-worn devices that serve as extensions of smartphones, enabling you to check calendar events, make calls, receive texts, read email and interact with digital assistants.

Some models come equipped with built-in LTE that allows you to use them without your phone nearby or active; this requires a separate data plan, which typically costs $10 monthly.

Smartwatches allow for greater awareness of what is going on around them by offering access to news and social media apps, including news alerts and social media notifications. In addition, some smartwatches feature fall detection apps which send alerts directly to caregivers or emergency services if someone falls. Plus some feature a barometric altimeter, compass and thermometer to provide outdoor enthusiasts with valuable measurements!

2. Bluetooth Speaker

An impressive Bluetooth speaker can help you work more effectively from home or the office by improving the quality of conference calls, decreasing distractions, and making productive meetings that don’t encounter technical issues easier to hold.

Bluetooth speakers with smart capabilities such as voice commands are especially convenient if you need both hands for tasks like cleaning, working out, cooking or other uses while listening to audio. One excellent option for such an item is Anker Mini 3’s ultra-compact Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker.

Another choice is the JBL Pulse 5, featuring its fifth generation light show that syncs up perfectly to your music’s beat. Plus, its battery lasts 12 hours at moderate volumes with an impressive wireless range of up to 131 feet!

3. Smart Keyboard

Apple’s Smart Keyboard is an innovative gadget that expands iPad Pro’s utility for artists, creators, and designers. This accessory is particularly helpful to those using demanding apps such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro, or Pixelmator.

The Smart Keyboard offers backlit keyboard and trackpad, as well as a pass-through USB-C port to charge your iPad while using it. Furthermore, this case features both front and back protection for your tablet device.

However, the Smart Keyboard does present some problems. Notably, it may not be as comfortable for use on a lap than other iPad keyboards and its keys may not rise as high as they would on some Mac computers – and its price can be prohibitively expensive.

4. Smart Watch

Smartwatches have quickly become an indispensable component of modern work environments, enabling employees to make calls, receive notifications and access apps directly from their wrist. Furthermore, these watches can even track workouts and monitor sleep cycles – providing invaluable convenience!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are working from home (WFH), and it is expected that this trend will continue once the coronavirus crisis subsides.

Smartwatches have become popular for their fitness tracking and health-monitoring features, but they can also increase productivity at work. We’ve compiled our own list of 7 ways smartwatches can increase productivity – no matter whether it’s Apple Watch, Android Wear or Samsung Galaxy you use – but the right smartwatch can help keep you on top of business operations.

5. Smart Phone

A smartphone combines the capabilities of both a personal digital assistant (PDA) and portable phone into one convenient package, offering access to music files, emails, text messages and real-time alerts for meetings or project deadlines.

Reducing smartphone usage to work-related activities and eliminating time-wasting apps is crucial, according to one survey which revealed that eliminating social media could add two hours of productive time each day for an average person.

Visual voicemail apps can enhance productivity by enabling the user to check messages without looking at the screen. Other useful smartphone applications are a visual keyboard, Google’s Chrome browser synced with desktop versions and Microsoft Office applications such as Word or Excel. A larger-screen device may also prove beneficial when working remotely.

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